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We’re like the cream. When the cream rises to the top, it separates itself from the milk. Perhaps that is what the New Age Movement is really all about.We find ourselves lonely at the top. Yes, it is.


It is no different with political enlightenment, spiritual enlightenment, or even becoming enlightened about relating to each other. The more mentally healthy you become, the more spiritual, the more balanced, the wealthier, the more global you become… the more alone you may feel.


Often, we find ourselves unable to find those other rare inpiduals who are choosing the same path as ours. The path of sloppy and lazy is full of other people to meet and talk to. The path of whiners is full. The path of being safe, generic, and boring is so crowded you almost cannot even move forward. Isn’t that why you left that path? You had a need to move forward, a need for some elbowroom, a need to spread your arms wide, a need to be seen as special, unique, different. The masses may admire you, but they are not going to be able to really relate to you. You will be alone much of the time.



Do not be afraid of the loneliness of enlightenment. Do not force others to agree with you. Simply give your heart and know that you are growing and that they are free to grow or not. It is the nature of the game. We are all free to choose our paths.





I sit on cany chair constantly shake, often bubble up a pot of pu-erh tea, alone, in the evening, the bath of tea fla一vor, taste of tea I this is uninteresting, bitter taste without any sweet, but I don't know who is benefic to the word "people grow up, you need to learn from taking pains", let me ha一ve a crush on tea are sweet.


Don't know is 4 or 5 years of age, the home has many books, all the noodles take seriously, solemnly stood in the bookshelf, these books mostly father, is the father of youth with older books, many this has worn out, not edge horn is damaged, but the book from the fracture in half, but has been the glue repair. Though it was old books, book covers the golden pattern still refraction shining and dazzling ray of light, I seem to see the father buried in spur of childhood. Now, father had entered middle age, these books also were rightly I "succession". At that time, parents are all teachers, although had a vain fat son, but still they put great effort on the work, in the university entrance exam that batch in students. I also had to stay alone in an empty house, dull to get through the day and day, sometimes also once think everywhere yell 1, but I know, answer me, and only those YiBenBen old books. Hence, the only book became my sorrows playmates, parents left, I then arduous climb to the shelf, use the childish hands in bookshelf wade extract I found a comic -- "journey to the west", because the book with plenties of exquisite design, but that the bitter wen-yen let I really dark horse, and can only be indefinitely was browsing through, I often a see be big until her parents got home.



In the human growth process, will experience a lot of things: success, failure ... ... I seem to grow very common experience, however, that the failure made me a benefit for life, want to know why? I still listen to it carefully Road Come on!

Today, the math teacher to his tone has always been tough for us to talk about yesterday's test. I got the test paper, looked at the score, red, my tears almost to flow out, "70" points, my God! You know, I've never had such a low test scores, Moreover, or math! Topic teacher on the stage, came under the rustling of error correction, my hands are moving, can not the brain is actually sad. Gomi knocked over my heart like a bottle, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, together came to my mind.

Dark clouds out the window, my heart has long been raining cats and dogs, God seemed to sympathize with me, and finally, the teacher announced that school, I still wood

Ran just sat there, ga一ve me a shot at the same table, "how not walking up?" "You go first!" I bitter to say that, while his heart was sad. Teachers in the empty I only heard sobbing.

When I picked up the bag, and slowly out of the classroom, the classroom is already a hea一vy rain. I walked slowly into the rain and fog, the rain suddenly surrounded me, he did not feel, until I stopped crying, found that he had become a "Rain Man." Walking, walking, I suddenly felt slipped and then fell to the ground was a mud pit! Passers-by from time to time will react, "you say that this young man ... ..." "hey! Not be sa一ved ... ..." I heard these words, my heart is not a taste of.






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